Installing IntoScience in Schools

1. Preparing your network2. Installing the Client Software3. Setting up Local Hosting

Step 1 – Preparing your network

Make sure your network users can access the required resources by following these network setup instructions.

Step 2 – Installing the client software

This guide is for batch installing IntoScience on many computers. If you’re looking to install IntoScience on an individual computer, see the Home Installation page.

Web Browsers (other than Google Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge)

To access IntoScience using a web browser, users must have the Unity web player installed. The Unity web player is a browser plugin similar to Adobe flash. It enables the 3D and interactive elements of the site.

Note: IntoScience does not run on the Microsoft Edge browser. If you are using Windows 10, we recommend that you use Firefox or the Windows 10 Store App.

If you’re a school IT admin looking to set up your school to use IntoScience please use these instructions (Windows OSApple OS X)


Google Chrome

As of September 1 2015, you can run IntoScience on Google Chrome without any additional software installed.



As of Dec 2015, you can run IntoScience on Safari without any additional software installed.


Apple iOS – iPad App

To access IntoScience using an iPad (iPad 2 or better required) download and install the IntoScience App from the iTunes app store. If your managing a school load of iPads please see this article on updating the IntoScience iOS App on multiple iPads.

Windows Store App

For Windows RT, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

IntoScience has a Windows Store App, which you can find here. We recommend that you use this if over the Windows Application if you’re on one of these platforms.

We’re currently investigating the best way for schools to install on all computers using the Windows Store App, and will update this page shortly.

Windows Application

For all versions of Windows (apart from Windows RT)

If your a school IT admin and you would like to install the Windows App on multiple computers please use these Windows app network install instructions with proxy configuration.

Apple OS X Application

If your a school IT admin and you would like to install the OS X App on multiple Macs please download the OS X app and distribute using your IT management software.

Step 3 – Setting Up Local Hosting

For schools using the browser-based versions of IntoScience, local hosting allows IntoScience’s content to be loaded from a locally hosted server, thus decreasing demands on bandwidth considerably. For more information about why you might want to use Local Hosting, see here.

To set up local hosting, see this guide.