Installing Unity on Mac OSX – Firefox

Follow these instructions to install the Unity web browser plugin for Mozilla Firefox on Mac OS X.

  1. Direct your web browser to If you do not have the required version of the Unity browser plugin installed on your computer, a box labeled You need to install Unity plugin to use IntoScience will take the place of the player on the webpage. Click on this box.
  2. The Firefox download pop-up box will now appear. With the radio button set to Open with and Open with DiskImageMounter set to default, and press the Ok button to continue. The installer will begin downloading.
  3. When the installer has finished downloading, the Firefox completed downloads pop-up box will now appear. The necessary file will be named webplayer-mini.dmg in this window. Click webplayer-mini.dmg in the download window to open the file directory and then double click Install Unity Plugin.pkg to open the installer.
  4. Once the installer opens, press Continue, followed by Install. You may be prompted for an admin password. If so, enter one and press Ok.
  5. When the install is successful, press the Close button.
  6. Restart your browser for the change to take effect. Then proceed to to begin using the IntoScience web client.