Batch install of Unity web plugin for Apple OS X

To access IntoScience using a web browser the Unity3d Web player plugin must be installed.

These instructions are for IT and system administrators who want to install on a whole lab or classroom of Apple Mac OS X based computers.

1) Download the Unity web player plugin (version 5.1.3f1, last updated 31st August 2015), distributed by IntoScience which performs a full install of Unity Web Player. Expand the .zip file.

2) Using your IT Management system and administrator privileges install the .plugin file to the /Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder on the target computers.

This will install the full version of the Unity web player plugin for all browsers on the system and make it available to all users.

Note: We recommend schools use the FAT installer linked in the above instructions only. We DO NOT recommend schools install Unity web player using the installer downloaded directly from the Unity website. This install is a LITE version which will need to auto-update itself and download additional files when first used to access content. In most schools this auto-update will fail to execute due to restrictions on the student level accounts.