Release notes – v 1.4.185 – 29 April 2014

This release adds several exciting new features and enhancements, as well as the three final topics in the Year 8 Australian curriculum: Science.

New features in v1.4

Teacher console

Teacher viewing of class answers

Flawless and retry

Cosmos articles

New year 8 topic – Body systems (9 activities)

New year 8 topic – Chemical reactions (7 activities)

New year 8 topic – Rocks (7 activities)

Quest – 3 immersive rock quests – aligned to the Australian Curriculum: Science


Teacher console

Teachers will now go directly to the teacher console when they sign in. The teacher console gives teachers a quick overview of their current class and current number of students online. The console also has quick access to support resources as well as the class results page and the main 3D environments.

Teacher viewing of student answers

All activities have been upgraded to include the new text input panel system which makes answering text based questions much easier. Full text editing is now supported including double click to select words, triple click to select sentences, drag selection tool, move cursor with arrow keys, insert cursor with mouse as well as full copy and paste functionality.

Teachers may also switch to student answer view and see text input answers from all students in one place. This functionality vastly increases the usefulness of the journal component of the activities, allowing teachers to easily browse student answers and provide feedback.

Flawless and retry

We have upgraded many activities to include flawed and flawless functionality and the retry option. Flawless gives students the opportunity to gain an extra inquiry point by completing a task flawlessly.

The retry button allows users to reset a task if they wish to attempt it again, and they keep any inquiry points previously gained.

Cosmos articles

We’ve included the start of something big! Selected articles from COSMOS magazine will now show in the inquire search results. More articles and more links coming soon.


New content

With three new topics and 21 new activities this completes full coverage of the Year 8 content for the Australian Curriculum: Science.

Year 8 – Body systems

Learn about the systems of the body and how they help us survive and thrive in the world.

Introduction to body systems

Explore all the systems of the body and discover the various organs and their functions.

Circulatory system

Learn all about this critical system from the vessels to the heart and even what’s inside your blood. What gets your heart pumping?

Respiratory system

Breathe easy, there’s oxygen in the air! Discover how we breathe and learn all about the parts that make up the respiratory system.

Digestive system

Take a journey through the digestive system from chew to poo! Discover how food is digested when it travels through each stage of the digestive tract.


Year 8 – Chemical reactions

How do you tell if a chemical reaction has taken place? Explore signs and types of chemical reactions.

Physical and chemical changes

There are changes occurring around us all the time. Investigate these everyday situations to work out if they are physical or chemical.

Signs of chemical change

What evidence is there that a chemical change has taken place? Identify the five common signs of chemical change.

Types of reactions 

Investigate common reaction types including synthesis, decomposition, combustion and precipitation.

Law of Conservation of Mass 

Discover how the Law of Conservation of Mass applies to every chemical reaction.


Year 8 – Rocks

Discover how igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks dynamically transform and shape the Earth over millions of years.

Journey to the centre of the Earth

What lies beneath? Uncover the properties of each layer as you journey towards the centre of the Earth. Use your collected characteristics to construct your own model of the Earth.

Introduction to rocks and minerals 

Learn about the lithosphere and be introduced to some common rocks and minerals. Understand the difference between a rock and a mineral.

Weathering and erosion 

The surface of the Earth has changed over millions of years and will continue to do so thanks to weathering and erosion. Discover the causes and some amazing effects of this natural phenomenon.

Sedimentary rocks 

This type of rock is formed from – you guessed it – sediment! Discover how it turns into rock and where this can happen.

Igneous rocks 

What do volcanoes have to do with rocks? Investigate how scorching conditions above and below the Earth’s surface form igneous rocks.

Metamorphic rocks 

With enough heat and pressure, any rock can be transformed into a metamorphic rock. Understand the conditions required for this to occur and observe characteristics of this type of rock.

The rock cycle 

Explore the world’s most hardcore recycling system: the rock cycle! Explore how each rock type can transform into another, the timescales involved and the processes that make this happen.

Rock and roll quest

In the Rock and roll quest, students take the next step on their IntoScience quest journey. They discover different types of rocks, ores and minerals, and understand their application in everyday technologies.

Students are presented with a faulty piece of technology in their lab and are tasked with its repair. A mysterious map, together with the student’s knowledge of the rocks, reveals the location of various useful rocks, ores and minerals. This allows the student to repair the lab technology. But not so fast, students must first identify these discovered rocks, through observation of their physical characteristics and the use of a dichotomous key.

Once repaired, the lab technology – a mechanised rock cabinet – functions as the perfect place for students to showcase the rocks they have located and identified. The student is now free to explore the Biodome at their own pace, discovering and identifying additional rocks, with achievements awarded to promote deeper interaction and engagement.


Other updates

Website improvements

We’ve added sales regions to our website so customers from different areas around the globe will only see content relevant to them. We currently have Australia and the UK, other regions will be added in the lead up to launching IntoScience in those territories.

The home-user purchase system has been overhauled to streamline the purchase process and a parent centre has been added for managing licenses and subscriptions. Trial home-users will also receive various offers via email and those discounts will be reflected in the purchase process and price. Trial home-users can automatically sign in and activate their trial with one click, directly from the marketing EDM.

Support materials

The lesson guides have been edited and updated. They now detail exactly where each inquiry point is earned to assist teachers in supporting student progress. Many worksheets have been  visually improved, and more have been added to support Year 7 content.

Rollover support

Student results will now persist across rollover and class results will be adjusted accordingly to reflect new students being added or removed from classes.

Android App

We now have a fully functional Android App which is in beta testing. If you’re interested in downloading and trying the app, please email to join the testing group and download the app from the Google Play store.

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