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Release notes v1.1.108 – 13 Febuary 2013

New features Results screen We’ve added an easily accessible results view so students and teachers can view results at any time. Students can track their inquiry points (participation) and challenge results (mark) in each topic and their overall mark. We’ve

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Release notes v1.0.90 – 13 November 2012

New features Activity menu We’ve updated the activity menu so it’s now accessible from everywhere and users can browse all topics and activities quickly and easily. The currently loaded topic and activity are now highlighted in the list and we’ve

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Release notes v0.7.73 – 24 September 2012

New Features Activity icons and scroll bar in activity menu Limited vertical movement of camera to prevent unflattering camera angles Added rotation buttons to the avatar editor New 3rd Degree matching engine Optimised all activities for iOS Fixes Fixed avatar

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Release notes v0.6.54 – 17 August 2012

New Features Added image based questions support for Mid and End challenges Enabled server-side word blacklist for activity journal – text input containing expletives is not saved, abusive accounts are reported to teachers and admins Published website for all

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Current Version

IntoScience's current version is:

  • 1.7.21202 on Google Chrome
  • 1.7.20623 on other web browsers
  • 1.7 on all other platforms

The version number can be found on the bottom right corner of the sign-in page.

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Upcoming Versions
The next version of IntoScience will be released in mid-October, 2015.